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Everything growing

The seeds of spring are beginning to see the light. My child who was born in late October is just now meeting the plants that were resting underneath the snow. Welcome, skunk cabbage, ground ivy, chickweed and nettles!

As my family is starting to find ourselves outside more and more, I quietly give thanks to the long winter for all of the rich and nutritious meals we shared and for all of the rest and quiet we have had.

As our windows slowly open and our rugs get beaten, our bodies equally take in fresh air, light, and movement. In our home we are eating early springs gifts, bitter and cleansing, and using up the last of our dried herbs to make room for this seasons.

In my culture, the first day of spring represents the first day of the new year. We take our intentions and hopes of winter and give thanks for the fruits of spring.

Enjoy the energy, though powerful, and welcome in the gifts of light.

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