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Earthly Delights & Midsummer Dreams

“A window for seeing A window for hearing A window like a well that ends deep in the heart of the earth and opens out into this expanse of recurring blue kindness A window that overfills the tiny hands of loneliness with its nightly gift, the perfume of generous stars and from there one could invite the sun to the geraniums in exile One window is enough for me” ~Forough Farrokhzad

sweet ones, holding the prayer that in the midst of what feels like an endless rainstorm of collective sadness and despair, you're finding windows of respite, embodied peace, and joyful jubilee. in times that feel scary, shaky, or uncertain, i've learned to lean upon my ancestral constellation for guidance and as a literal security blanket for when the shadows feel unbearable and ever looming. this week i sat with my ancestor-beloved, the poetess forough farrokhzad (excerpt of her poem window found above), who has laid the groundwork for so many of the pathways of thinking and being that have shaped the me i am becoming. what windows of sanctuary do you hold access to? what windows of hope are you excavating and dusting off to be reimagined? what windows of possibility are you constructing to view your dreams? what windows of safety are you sewing curtains for, to protect your privacy? what windows of love are you building for the future? a window is a mindset, a portal, an oasis and a tool. the window i've been tending is one of earthly delights and midsummer dreams ~ within that window, i see blooming butterfly weed, pools of nectar, interconnection, death composting into birth, growth without expectation, and so many other seeds of creation. so much is possible when we strategize towards interconnection, so much is possible when we lead with love. below you'll find a beloved recipe for cooling down the fires and an upcoming workshop with wild gather <3 love from under the covers with a flashlight and stuffy, ~mandana

Riding off the coattails of our spring workshop GAY EDEN…. this month we offer up PART 2, a seasonally appropriate guide to peak summer garden realness. find all the deets below ~ GAY EDEN PART 2 : the 411 on *still* growing the herb garden of your dreams Y' all asked, we heard the call and are so tickled to make your PT. 2 fantasies come true. Now that you’ve started growing the herb garden of your dreams (whether IRL or in your dreamworld), the possibilities of growing and cultivating herbs is endless. In this two hour <PART TWO> dish, we'll talk harvesting guidelines and garden maintenance including weeding, dividing, transplanting, hardening off seedlings, processing, etc. We’ll also dive into the expansive herbcraft-medicine making portal with seeds, barks, berries, roots, leaves and flowers. So grab a hoe ;) your notebook and come hither ~ gay eden awaits, again. Tuesday, July 26th, 6-8 pm EST, * online * sliding scale $25-45 Email to register Missed GAY EDEN PT.1?! Find it here. This class will be recorded and sent to all participants to view within 30 days.


Growing up in a Iranian house, my mother’s go-to plant ally for any hot and irritated state was our beloved rose. Whether it was cranky teething babies, long sun-filled days in the garden, or fiery backgammon games between my uncles, my mother could be found dowsing figurative fires out by lacing our drinks and food with the cooling and calming rose. So it's not surprising that my go-to herbal remedy for fiery heat and sunburn is the rose. Rose is cooling, astringent, and anti-inflammatory in nature, making it a perfect remedy for heat and burns. What I like most about using rose for sun care is its accessibility. Rose, being a perennial and relatively easy plant to grow and take care of, can thrive in many different climates and regions. Where I live in the mountains of New York, we have quite a few wild and abundant species of rose to harvest from (Rosa multiflora, R. palustris, R. canina), which makes it a sustainable and effective remedy to use for medicine and our sun care needs. Ways to Use Rose I prepare and use rose for sunburn in many forms, both internally and topically. Internally, you can take rose as either/or in combination: tincture, syrup, glycerite, shrub, and tea. In the summer months, I love to make refreshing mocktails using a combination of the sweet and aromatic rose syrup, tart rose shrub, and fizzy water, for times I know I’ve had way too much sun. Topically, you can make a poultice with rose petals, apply an oil or lotion infused with rose, and spray rosewater or apple cider vinegar infused with rose directly on burned skin for immediate relief. Every summer I infuse rose petals in honey to indulge in throughout the year, but this same decadent honey can be used topically for bad burns. Honey helps soothe irritated and sunburned skin and is truly a first aid powerhouse, as it is antimicrobial and antiseptic, supporting our bodies by reducing the risk of an infection from sun induced boils and wounds. Doogh with Mint and Rose My favorite internal remedy for recovering from summer heat is doogh. Doogh is an Iranian yogurt-based beverage that is very popular through the Middle East. Doogh is simple to make using only a few ingredients. Served over ice, it is both a refreshing and cooling drink and a must have for the hotter months. Here is how I make it... What you’ll need…

  • 1 1/2 cups yogurt (sheep preferred but cow is fine)

  • 2 cups soda water

  • 1 cup still water

  • Salt to taste

  • 1 tablespoon dried mint

  • 1 tablespoon dried rose petals

  • Sprig of fresh mint to garnish

  1. Add yogurt directly into your pitcher or vessel.

  2. Slowly, begin to add your water, whisking and stirring as you go (you can use an electric mixer, wooden spoon, or whisk for this step.)

  3. Once fully mixed, add your salt, dried mint, and dried rose petals.

  4. Serve doogh over ice and garnish with fresh mint and enjoy.


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