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Late summer

Summer is in its final phases here in the Catskills. The air seems less heavy and the goldenrod is in full expression. Summer is a time of all types of energy, so i'm not suprised that I haven't had the time to reflect on my botanical adventures this season.

My family and I took a little trip to Maine, which felt like quite an exotic getaway. We spent most of our time out on the water, canoeing to nearby islands filled with wild blueberries to nibble. We enjoyed watching the mysterious Loon and listening for their unusual bird call in the quiet evenings. We were blessed to encounter many other rare beauties on our trip to Maine, including: goldenseal, lady slippers (not in bloom but beautiful anyway!), princess pine and the bald eagle!

The summer has been kind and bountiful, with many mushrooms picked and a garden full of delicous homegrown food.

Summer is so brief, so like the bees and butterflies, we celebrate the flower as much as possible. My partner and I like to see how many edible flowers we can pick for our dinnertime salads. So far, my high score is 13! Lol plant nerd life. So whether you are eating flowers, making medicine out of flowers, or just enjoying their beautiful blooms, it's a special time of year to be apart of.

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