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caring for ourselves

We've had our first snows here in Woodstock. The days have become slower paced, each act I engage in has become intentional based on being oriented around the light of the day. With the end of November, I have been meditating on my care. I start the day with a raw cacao beverage that I make by whisking a little raw milk and raw cacao powder until mixed together, then I add a bit of just under boiling water, and a couple crushed cardamon pods and honey. I feel good when i'm able to create a ritual like this in the morning to ground me for the day, and to give me a little parent energy. Facials are a way to give yourself a little love in the colder months. You can do a facial that is as simple as just honey, milk or oatmeal. My favorite mask in the winter is easy to whip up and all of the ingredients conveniently come from the kitchen. Mandana's winter face mask: 1 egg 1 tablespoon of yogurt a pinch of: coffee grounds, raw cacao, turmeric powder, & lemon juice Blend together and keep on your face for 20 minutes. (To make into a body scrub just add brown sugar and double the recipe.) Benefits: Caffeine brightens a dull complexion and helps reduce inflammation. Cacao is high in anti-oxidants and repairs damage caused by the environment. The lactic acid in yogurt acts as an exfoliant. Lemon juice contains vitamin c to brighten the face. The egg yolk moisturizes, as the egg white tightens the skin. Turmeric also reduces inflammation and brightens the skin. It is often used in my culture for this purpose.

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