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Tradition not trademark.

A good friend and herbalist, farmer, activist, teacher (she is amazing!), Mary Blue and two other herbalists have been sued by Shire City Herbals for using the term "Fire Cider." For those who are not familiar with the Free Fire Cider campaign, I would recommend checking out the website from here you can help support by donating $$ for their legal funds and by signing the free fire cider petition at As herbalists, we will continue to face battles like this, as more and more in the western world get woke to the powerful medicine that surrounds us. It's important that we keep traditional herbalism alive. Support local small herbal businesses and practitioners. Use whole plant medicine- not supplements made in a lab that isolate single chemical constituents of medicinal herbs. Herbalism can never be bought, sold, trademarked. Herbalism is here for everyone, medicine for everyone, see it and experience it for all that it is.

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