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Nowruz Mobarak || Happy Spring!

Haft Seen Altar

(Haft Seen Altar for Persian New Year)

Spring is upon us here in the Hudson Valley! I've been busy raking out my garden beds, and to my surprise finding beautiful and vivid plants underneath all of those leaves. Plants like motherwort, catnip, and angelica are some of the first to say hello!

I've been busy checking on all my tree friends, the buds of cottonwood almost completely ripe with it's propolis like resin, sweet birch so fragrant and delicious, and wild cherry with its deep salmon like color and almond like taste! The buds, bark, and branches will be steeped in oil, made into syrup, tinctured, and fermented into lovely mead.

I'm also spending time digging for roots and tubers. This time of year is great to collect day lily tubers and dandelion roots. As the spring progresses, even more plants will begin to emerge like a hidden treasure map showing you the way to all of that root medicine!

Lastly, this website will be changing it's domain name soonly- if you'd like to stay tuned in we can be found at

Sending spring well wishes,


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