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Seeds of Herbalism 2019 Registration Now Open!

Wild Gather Fall Newsletter || Seeds of Herbalism 2019 Registration Now Open!

Dear you,

Where do we even start? We've been under the Scorpion spell, going deep into the unknown, freaking on all the passionate mysteries and finding ourselves dancing between personal and interplanetary transformation. Seasonally, this is reflected through our actions and practices. Autumn finds us with shovels in hand, digging at the soil, unearthing all that lies underneath. Scorpio season doesn't play around, forcing us to examine all that we hide and hold, nudging us to explore the roots of our existence and our healing. As we dig up the roots of Burdock, Yellow Dock, Wild Sarsaparilla and Barberry, we get the opportunity to pause and reflect upon our year, and all that has come to seed. Here at Wild Gather, we're taking the shifts of the seasons in deep, and are mirroring our growth back upon our work as Herbalists and educators.

In September, we graduated our third year of Seeds of Herbalism students. This group was so unbelievably committed to the plants and inspired us to take time to reflect upon our curriculum; to let go of what wasn't needed anymore, and to put tender care towards what we want to nurture and re-center. We've been working hard with joy to bring Seeds of Herbalism into next level herbal realness. So, with excitement and gratitude, we're happy to announce that registration is open for our 2019 Seeds of Herbalism program! We provide two scholarships to anyone identifying as BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) in the amount of $1,000 bringing the program cost to $250, with all applications due by March 31, 2019. For more information on the program or to apply, please visit our website (

A testimonial from our 2018 Seeds of Herbalism program,

“Wild Gather is the herbalism school that I longed to encounter for so long. Mandana and Lauren have created a program that is all at once radical, rigorous, deeply rooted in tradition, heart opening, and joyful. They ground each lesson in a framework of collective liberation and health justice, challenging white supremacy and cisheteronormativity, and shifting so many norms of the current western herbalism world- and it’s right on time! Mandana and Lauren are not only stunningly knowledgeable about the plants of this region and their applications, but also instilled in each of us real reverence and love for the plants we encountered. I also felt consistently supported to reach inwards to my own intuition and ancestral traditions in order to build a practice that is my own. I came away feeling immensely more confident in my ability to ID plants, ethically wild harvest, and make the medicine that I’m now sharing with my community. I’m so grateful and indebted to Mandana and Lauren for their fierce wisdom and transformative teaching!” - Jade

Lastly, we'll be gathering under the solstice sky for a workshop honoring the shift in seasons, delving into winter care and needs by way of herbs, ritual & ancestral practice. We hope you can join us for :

Tending the Dark and Sacred: Winter Medicine Thursday, December 20th, 2018 from 7-9pm at Good Fight Herb Co. Shop, 253 1/2 Warren Street, Hudson, NY.

Sliding scale $25-$45. Class size is limited so make sure to RSVP to to reserve your space!

With great love, Mandana & Lauren

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