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signs of spring

The Catskill Mountains have been reminiscent of the Pacific North West this spring. Over the past few weeks, we have received endless rain; the weather is wet, cold, and the sky has been foggy and gray. While we are all ready for some beautiful sun filled days, there are many positives to the wet and cool weather. The mushrooms are fruiting abundantly, the redbuds and sugar maples flowers are electric in contrast to the silver sky, and the cool weather makes all the digging and weeding easier to manage.

At home we are feeling really grateful for the start of foraging and gardening season. We are picking vibrant nettle tops and drinking the nutrient rich tea to keep our bones and bodies strong. We are having happy adventures harvesting morel mushrooms that we eat fresh and dry for winter soups to come. We are saying hello to all of the special plants blooming in the woods and in the garden; hello bloodroot, solomon's seal, black and blue cohosh, and so many other special friends.

Hoping spring has been kind and abundant to you and yours. Enjoy it all, xo.

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