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tick magic

words can't really touch how excited i am to be holding this gorgeous book in my hands. the seeds of tick magic were planted three years ago, in the fertile dirt that is my bed, while i was very sick with lyme and mono. it took my ass three years to get here because i am a caregiver and because i often lack the funds, time, health and computer skills to make shit like this happen any sooner. but! this sweet angel baby is so 3D REAL, cuddly, and ready to be held.

tick magic provides 67 pages of info and resources for prevention, after bite care, and herbs and rituals we can tap into to cultivate spiritual and psychic support/protection. i'm feeling deep gratitude to alex patrick dyck @yokosnoopy for designing, editing, and creating this beautiful cover soulfully and tenderly. it feels really healing to be able to share this booklet with folks to use for their care, in hopes that it brings relief, comfort, and support for life in the tick hole.

if you'd like to purchase a copy of tick magic, you can contact me directly or pick one up in my shop!

self publishing costs are real, so the zine is priced at $20, with free pdf downloads offered to BIPOC folks always <3.

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