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To be a rose....

For me early June is the time of year that I flock to the beaches of New England to have my time with the roses. The salty air, cool waters, and bright fragrant flowers wrap me deep into the magic of the sea and rose. As I harvest flowers with my family, we get to encounter all of the critters who are also happy to see the pollen drenched roses. We harvest the roses, taking time to nibble petals, rest in the warm sand, read poetry, take a swim, and back to the roses whose gravity is much to strong to deny. We use the rose in several ways; we infuse mead with the petals, as we do with honey and brandy. We infuse the petals in glycerin, which creates a potion as vivid and flavorful as the day we harvested them. We dry petals for tea, baths, and ritual work. We make oils and creams to use topically, while also making tincture to use in after sun care mists. We make shrub and syrup to add to sparkling water on hot summer days. Ah, a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose. Hoping you are all enjoying the sweetness of June.

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