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club datura

this is club datura. it used to live within my living room, but we recently moved and it intuitively felt like it needed to be reborn in the bathroom. club datura is the place i go when i just wanna chill freaky solo with some colorful lighting, goosebump music feels, and multiple glitter applications. sometimes i chill their naked and stretch my body. sometimes i put on my best club gear and dance it out with tushka. sometimes i sit there in silence with my daydreams and mind processes.

3 years ago i got major sic with lyme disease. this past spring, for the first time in three years, i bravely embodied and spoke the words i didn't think i'd ever say: "i'm feeling good in my body in a way i haven't in years." last week i found an embedded deer tick on my left hip. i sent the tick in for testing, and am waiting for the results. i've been nauseous and extremely tired but i'm trying to stay positive and blame how i'm feeling on the humidity and intense heat. cause i'm really not ready to go back into a tick hole, and can a bitch ever get a rest?

anyway you best believe i'm hanging at club datura right now. in my time there, i'm thinking of you all. thinking of everyone i know on doxy right now, and those who are a few days post doxy or who might have to take doxy soon. i've got nothing right now but i did make this playlist recently and it's whats in rotation at club datura and just listening to it makes me feel all luscious and perfect and ok. hoping you all have a feeling/place/song to lean on right now.

john maus - do your best

esg- moody

tom tom club- genuis of love

marco valle- wanda vidal

richard and linda thompson- the calvary cross

the supremes- standing at the crossroads of love

kate bush- running up that hill (a deal with god)

anika- he needs me

tom tom club- as above, so below

gang of four- damaged goods

lungfish- love is love

esg- you make no sense

tom tom club- lorelei

psychedelic furs- love my way

public memory- afterlife

roniia- bellz

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