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august's blues

The end of August always hits me in a bittersweet kind of way. The thought of summers wildness and warmness fading can make me feel majorly blue. here's my inspo list for whats getting me through the august blues:

2. watermelon dipped in ocean water

3. seaweed mermaid vibes

3. mariah carey's album daydream and nina simone's ne me quitte pas

4. unsalted pretzels and cold seltzer

5. sweet and silly friend time

6. aquarium reflections while eating pho in providence

7. re-reading and falling deeper in love with camille dungy's anthology "black nature"

8. eating my weight in apricots

9. datura petting on the new moon

10. edible glitter rose elixir punch

11. acupuncture seshes with my one and only

12. mountain water swimming while essence crafting

13. daydreaming of new winter hobbies (i'm crushing on martial arts, cross country skiing, and karaoke)

Hoping you are all finding gentle paths to walk towards Autumn,


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