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seeds of herbalism 2019

Still very much living within the sweetness of this group, who came together to take part in Wild Gather's program, Seeds of Herbalism 2019. I feel deeply grateful to my teaching partner and dear friend, Lauren, for constantly reaffirming how positive and uplifting it is to work together, in community, and by offering friendship, support, and her gifts to me. And such thankfulness to each one of these angel beings who showed up with serious excellence, grace, and dedication to the plants and our bound healing. For me it's such a privilege to get to step into a space, where I can speak my truth, share my stories, and be witnessed, held, reflected, and challenged in such beautiful ways. It's straight up incredible that I get to learn and share with so many people from so many backgrounds, and that this is apart of my work. I came to plant medicine culturally, and have chosen a life that is in service to the plants and justice. It's true that i've witnessed corporate capitalism infiltrate herbalism and healing slowly over the past 15 years, but it's faces like this that remind me that we are truly holding, shifting, and healing culture.

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