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the rose that grew from concrete

to be real i daydream about breaking up with herbalism often. don't get it twisted, my relationship to the plants and service/care are lifelong, i could really just do without the commodifying/branding/capitalizing that is now synonymous with herbalism.

when i daydream of breaking up with herbalism i see my love of poetry, writing, spoken word. i see care held through dance, listening, being, hip hop. and in those thoughts a whole world is revealed to me. one with rosy potions, naps, eyes closed, words heard, quiet tears, dreams formed and valued, struggles witnessed, hustles celebrated, devotion fantasied. and i realize that the herbalism i love is real i just need to believe in it and hold space for it.

so this workshop is for all those dream oracles, confused freaks, 4th wave plant nerds, matrix reloaded type of bitches looking to simultaneously feel really comfortable while having their minds blown. a dream within a dream of how i want to be with myself and you.

“Did you hear about the rose that grew

from a crack in the concrete?

Proving nature's law is wrong it

learned to walk without having feet.

Funny it seems, but by keeping its dreams,

it learned to breathe fresh air.

Long live the rose that grew from concrete

when no one else ever cared

-Tupac Shakur”



WHEN: SUNDAY DECEMBER 1st, 2019 12-4

In this 4 hour workshop, we’ll delve deep into the pages of Tupac Shakur’s book of poetry, “a rose that grew from concrete.” Through writing prompts, group discussion, plant meditation, medicine making, and dream practice, we’ll explore the concurrent themes of hustle & struggle, dedication & thanks-giving, and day & night dreaming that both Tupac and rose invoke within us.

You will leave with a handmade rose medicine to take with you as a reminder of the positive dreams you have named and seeded in our held space, new practices and ideas for both day and night dreaming, and a deeper appreciation for the radical message of Tupac Shakur and the rose.

To register please email to hold your space.

Workshop cost is $45 for BIPOC participants and $75 for all other participants.

Space is limited to 12 individuals. Once registered a detailed email will go out with all you need to know leading up to the workshop.

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