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Webinar coming soon!

as we move with intention into the new moon, we are still living so deeply within the brilliance and inspiration from our time at the 2019 biodynamic conference this past weekend! we were lifted, affirmed, inspired, and held up by the power and grace of our bipoc family, while encouraged and enlivened by the commitment of our white allies. conflict was navigated, harm was named, addressed, and worked through. our dedication to bipoc centered herbalism is the heartbeat of our work, and our experience within western herbalism confirms in us that there is still work to do.

all this to say, we have been working on something fierce; an offering towards harm reduction and repair for our white accomplices and thus a step towards carrying our collective black and brown joy out endlessly into the world. Stay tuned for deets on our upcoming webinar: woke without the work and/or email us at to be the first to know!

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