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Seeds of Herbalism Registration Open!

As we TLC creep into January, we’ve been reflecting deep upon all that is living and emerging within us. This year has been the baby bitch slap we didn’t know we needed. So often we can get into the spiral of ‘do the work, be the work, carry the work’, without ever stopping to rest, chill, and re-ask what is the work, is it healthy, thriving, regenerating? As educators, we have been questioning, challenging, and redefining our patterns of being and reflecting that in our work as educators and herbalists.

We both took rest and pause this growing season, something we haven’t allowed ourselves to do in 15 years of service to the plants and our communities. Sure there were still injuries, house packing and moving, and a perpetual state of eco grief but y’all we gave into joy, rest, and enjoyment in such profoundly significant ways. We faced our fears with sun-tans, endless cackles, and without a doubt binge watching Rhythm + Flow, can we get an amen/mashallah?! So basically, we’re trying to get our eyebrows waxed, nails done, minds and hearts straight for this long winter ahead of us.

In 2019, we graduated one fine as hell, inspiring group of angel babies this side of texas. We’ve been sitting with the joy and awe that comes with getting to hold and be in space with such incredible beings, and synthesizing all that we learned from this season to take into 2020. Also, no big deal but 2020 will be wild gather’s 5th year of being!!!! (which feels so good and real and precious to us #helicopterparents).

We feel so dang lucky and humbled to get to share our love of plants and caring in this way. It’s an honor to get to do this work, and we don’t take it lightly. We’re taking the winter to day dream, speak dream, dream dream new ways of spreading our plant faith. We’re excited to step into 2020 Seeds of Herbalism with a whole new lens, crew, and pattern set. Registration is open, so come holler at your boos and see you in the spring?!

Find all the program details here, and for easy access, our class dates are set for:

Saturday May 30th + Sunday May 31st

Saturday June 20th + Sunday June 21st

Saturday July 25th + Sunday July 26th

No class held in August

Saturday September 5th + Sunday September 6th

Saturday October 3rd and Sunday October 4th

With big love and appreciation,

Mandana and Lauren

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