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Woke Without the Work: Webinar Registration Open!

Woke Without the Work is an online class for Non-BIPOC Herbalists, who are seeking to move beyond optical support of our communities, towards active, tangible and embodied practices of equity. An equity that is true, healthy and vibrant, and not just a disguise of wokeness.

We will explore ways in which herbal practitioners, enthusiasts, business owners, educators, schools and organizations continue to erase and benefit from our cultures, identities and histories, while offering ways to actively engage and disrupt systemic, business as usual tendencies towards complacency in white comfort.

A 30 minute Q&A will follow the workshop, where we’ll answer questions we receive from participants. While we’ll definitely be dropping some real talk, we will do so from a place of joy and compassion.


We don't expect perfection from you; actualizing and learning can be messy and not cute, but we do ask that you show up to this work responsibly. Consider themes of victimization and gas lighting that are common defenses when engaging in unpacking whiteness and the ways you may hold yourself back from important realizations.

Understand that we also aren’t perfect, that we’re human and fuck up too. We don’t want to be your totems of BIPOC excellence. We want to share the honest struggles and barriers we have faced in the Herbal Community, but also the ways we have learned to thrive, imagine, and grow the community of our dreams.

This workshop isn’t a final destination on your road as an accomplice. Don’t use this webinar as a badge to boast.

This workshop is for individuals only. If you are a school or organization please email us at : to receive information about pricing and details for institutions.

Please feel free to share this email and to pass this information on to anyone who may be interested, thanks!


  • The workshop is currently on SALE for folks ready to join now! Early Bird pricing of $50 ends on 1/29! Use coupon code wwwearlybird! to get the sale price!

  • The workshop will be available at the standard price of $77 from 1/30 through 2/19.

  • Once registered, you will gain access to valuable resources and the video class will be available starting 2/29. And you will have life-time access to all of the materials!


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