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tick magic submissions!

can't believe it was only/just 3 springs ago that i was hella sic in the hospital for two weeks with a mysterious illness that would turn out to be lyme + EPV. while i feel better this spring than i have the past 2, i hesitate to even name that out-loud, cause in my experience ticks can be shady thirsty lil hoes. but! on the real, practicing tick magic has provided me with some serious 'let me vaseline my face before i thrown down’ protection, that i'm endlessly grateful for.

for me this zine is a little heart shaped locket that i constantly pray will bring y'all ease and comfort. thank you so much for your emails, feedback, and support. thank you for spreading this zine wide and far.

so, before going to print on a 3rd edition of tick magic, i'm reaching out to collect and share as many of y'alls personal stories & wisdom of living and surviving life in the t-hole to include in the latest edition!

deets below share with your angels and forever blasting destiny's child ‘survivor’ spells out the speakers for us all,


:: tick magic submissions ::

there is no right or wrong expression or submission! share what feels important n healing n life giving : recipes, stories, poems, artwork, incantations, comics, realizations, dear diary moments

any and all of your expressions are beautiful, important, precious, and needed! thank u so so so much for sharing and articulating the icky n creepy n hard to name feelies, the never ending non consensual, "bitch, can we get a minute to breathe?" journey that IS tick lyfe.

:: submissions can be emailed to :: deadline may 31st! ::

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