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Woke without the work registration re-opened

We are in grief. The perpetual grief that is living under white supremacy as black and brown bodies. But we trust into our stories. Trust that we came into this world with divine instructions. That our ancestors plucked us from the star constellation with purpose. We were all birthed for a reason. We are the stories and visions of those who came before, and we are here to plant the seeds of joy and possibility for those who come next.

Western Herbalism is founded on the erasure and appropriation of BIPOC culture, traditions, and technologies, that works to solely benefit white herbalists, businesses, and schools, while perpetuating racism and violence under the guise of "healing."

We are here and ready for the reckoning. The renaissance. The jubilee.

Because so many folks are requesting Woke Without the Work and because we created it in hopes of it being one small step towards this reckoning, course registration is now open again.

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