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daydream medicine

i'm starting to allow myself to post covid daydream, so far:

~dancing and laughing in a hot sweaty club surrounded by friends

~cackling with friends, mask off, in person, where you can see the laughing tears falling down a friends face, and you feel like your stomach can't handle another wave

~going to the movies by myself for a midday matinee with a bucket of buttered popcorn and junior mints

~having the opportunity to eat delicious food made by others, where each bite is filled with love and their culture's soul

rolling to the goodwill or some other thrift store on a meh day to find myself having a winning day at the thrift store. where everything you want is half off, and there is an abundance of silk clothing and tchotchkes

~sitting in a quiet nook of the library on a rainy spring day flipping through books

~sitting in a noisy cafe, reading a book to the symphony of clinking glass and ceramic

are you post covid daydreaming? whats on your fantasy channel?


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