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seeds of herbalism 2021 registration is now open!


Well HELLO age of Aquarius and all of you cuties! We’re writing from our Pisces puddle over here, sending you kisses on the clouds and pep talks to remind you of how precious you are. Soon the Spring ephemerals will greet us with their evasive highest beauty, and riding the coattails of this time feels so surreal. It’s like we’re sitting on a daydream bridge showing us on one side what this past year has been like, and on the other what the future may hold. We’re coming out of last year seeing each other less, and loving on each other even more <3.

We have been shown how possible it is to cozy up and get intimate when we’re not IRL circled up and damn, who knew living online together could be so sweet. Sooo, Wild Gather is beyond thrilled to announce our 2021 Seeds of Herbalism program online, that comes in two versions of deep learning ~ a self study program you can take anytime, anywhere!, and a mentorship program that has two cohorts and is by application. BIPOC scholarships are available for both!

2020 definitely showed up in ways we were not hoping or desiring for to say the least. To be real, this time last year we were grappling with whether or not to cancel our 2020 programming amidst all of the uncertainty. We felt at once overwhelmed with all of the personal challenges we faced, while also feeling like the moment was asking for knowledge sharing and organizing. It was in this time that our precious and generous community showed up as the lil sassy and gifted faeries that they are to support us in making our dreams come true.

Sarrah Danziger, our badass moss drenched rock, who was our guide into the world of filming herb school as legit grandma’s to the world of TeCh, and whose vision is always so beyond our wildest dreams. Thru her video & photog skills, Sarrah so truly translated our IRL program into an online version that is an actual portal, wait til you see!

Alex Patrick Dyck, is the literal froggy prince daddy king to our Wild Gather fairy tale. This binch is the Virgo we all dream to have in our crews, dripping with the brilliant gorgeous creative magic that is only theirs. They have literally made Wild Gather the most organized and beautiful bad binch version of itself, and with such care and dedication that it feels impossible to adorn them in enough blessings. All of our new imagery was created by Alex, and in us knowing and loving each other so truly, brought new design to our life that captures us completely.

And then there’s BIG WILLY! Willy is a really hot librarian with an extra fly coif, who we adore for all of the reasons we just listed, but they really became fam when they invited us to see Janet Jackson with them one Summer. It was then, grooving on the lawn with Ms. Jackson (if you nasty) that they really became one of our fairy parents. Willy has created and built the beautiful lil home for Wild Gather to live on the interweb, and our online program couldn’t have happened without their deeply supreme library-hacker skills <3.

Okay much needed emo love pour to say, we are taking in this moment, a little traumatized and shaky after 2020, while feeling the tingles of the tree buds expanding and the sun rising, ready to find our way back into our ever breathing and wiggling and emerging community of plant nerds, freaks, loners, lurkers, divas, hoes, and all who lives between.

Love you,

Wild Gather

Mandana & Lauren


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