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spring's caress


Here in the northern hemisphere, the peach, cherry, and redbud blossoms are opening and greeting the sun and sky with their short lived, yet extravagant beauty. On the woodland forest floor, spring ephemerals are blessing the ground with their gentle, mysterious, and life giving blooms. In the world at large, we are still very much moving through difficult but necessary growth spurts towards a more loving, just, and equitable future for all beings human and non-human alike. Inshallah. To be honest, Aries season was a little too fiery and caustic for me and my family, so I'm grateful that Taurus season is here, to slow us down, and re-center our north star towards pleasure. I've been enjoying slow walks in the woods, eating (i've already been blessed with two nettle cakes and we're only a week into Taurus season lol), and taking as many cat naps in the sun as possible. Sending you wild strawberry sweetness and moss drenched grounding, as we find our place and purpose in building our fantasy futures, xo. I have sooo many updates for y'all but first wanted to share some writings that feel timely, the first is a piece I wrote a couple seasons ago about my personal practice and journey with wild tending. With "ramp season" upon us, it's no better time to pause and examine our relationships with our beloved plant friends. The second is a piece on tree medicine, that offers a basic tree harvesting ethic checklist, and some pro-tips around the practice of harvesting tree medicine. Hope they both feed your spring wells.

Also wanted drop mad love and gratitude to all who have supported and showed up for the Salaam BIPOC Community Garden. Not only have we reached our fundraiser goal, the garden is almost complete and ready for our May opening. This couldn't have happened without all of you. The garden started as a dream, then a vision, and is now a manifestation for our people and power. May this garden be a birth place of healing and joy. May all beings have access to healthy soil, clean air and water, and land. May we all continue to support this prayer of liberation in the ways that we can. This is just one part of the story, a story held together by our ancestors and plantcestors, tended by our living breath and actions, and seeded in our future kin <3 Lastly, here is a lil taurus spring playlist for y'all to drop and dream into :

1. Soul Sista (remix) by Bilal & Raphael Saadiq

2. Seigfried- by Frank Ocean

3. Haciendo Que Me Amas- by Bad Bunny

4. Fine Again- Tirzah

5. Fantasy- by Mariah Carey

6. Luz Verde- by Maluma

7. Catch the Sun- by Lil Baby

All my love, Mandana


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